Our Spectrum

We are more than just a provider of event technology

Consulting & Conception

Technical planning & special constructions

High-end equipment & service

We have spent the last 40 years honing our business from the ground up. We make use of our experiences, our knowledge, the advanced specialisation we have acquired, and our cutting-edge technology in the most diverse event formats for our clients.

When it comes to the implementation of their tasks, our clients can look forward to a wide range of possibilities. We have been servicing agencies and event organisers from Germany and abroad in their incentive and presentation projects in Europe and as an incoming technology partner in Berlin for years now.

We are a popular and valued network partner, serve locations with a wide range of different requirements, and all this on the basis of our very own technology, which has been steadily growing and experiencing continuous modernisation for 40 years.

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Put your trust in us. Like our clients do. From Berlin, Europe, and all over the world.

Agencies & event organisers

We are here for you!

It gives us immense pleasure to be confronted with (un)usual challenges posed by you!

We are here to advise you and/or get together with you to develop a concept for the technical and logistical implementation. We are accustomed to finding solutions in a budget-oriented manner.

Our flawless technology forms the foundation of a unique and unforgettable experience for the visitors!

Even before the setup, software and a CAD-based implementation planning system simulate the interaction of technology and programming virtually. The planning documentation generated thus guarantees smooth progress from the first to the last minute. The concept can be presented in a test installation in an earlier phase as well if it is so desired or required.

With this assurance backing us, we can also carry out onsite changes well within the schedule in a flexible manner.

Your event is documented by us, also in video and audio form if required, in order to provide experiences and knowledge for events of a similar kind.

Personal contact partners, competent and qualified

Proper and professional basic evaluation as well as outlining of the requirements

Feasibility studies and solution approaches for your

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Network partners

Teamwork - not limited to only being experienced internally.

As an events service provider, we put concepts and strategies into practice for our clients with a high level of dependability and focus. 

But we also work with partners in our network in order to enhance the result for our clients. These partners hold the same high standards for the organisation of an event as we do. 

Conversely, we are also partners for our partners and augment their scope of services in the form of a team player for perfect events.

Specialists meet specialists

100 per cent loyalty at all times

Neutral flightcases & packaging

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Location service

Consultation, installation, service. A one-stop shop for everything.

As ‘Location Partnership Experts’, we help location operators enhance the efficiency of their location right from the beginning.
The objective is the optimisation of a location with existing or temporary infrastructure in terms of the technical and economic aspects for an outstanding quality of experience.

We offer technical consultation, devise recommendation for investments and provide creative impulses for the modernisation of existing constructions or for the development of new event spaces.

As a matter of course, we also provide assistance in the approval procedure. We also provide advice on security-related issues and implement them jointly, if necessary.

Our role as a ‘Location Partnership Expert’ includes assigning permanent contact partners for you. Even in case of complex technical installations and extremely varied individual requirements, we offer you tailor-made service solutions.

Team player within your structures

Neutral presence

Always by your side

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High-End Material

Equipment and service – Top quality at top conditions

An equipment pool that has grown over the years, with ample quantities and numerous special solutions, is available for our clients in our modern high-bay warehouse, usually at the push of a button. Our experts identify new trends early on and are the driving force for continuous refurbishment of our equipment. Details are mentioned on our Rental site

24/7 HOTLINE : We do not leave you to deal with your problems by yourself and are here to help you round the clock!

SERVICE: Quality assurance and maintenance In case a component stands out during our standardised test routines, we analyse the defect in our electronic workshop and repair the device. We provide this facility as a service to our clients and partners.

SERVICE: Trial installations So that you are assured, at all times, of having chosen the right partner, we offer the possibility of a trial installation as part of a project in order to test the concept and planning in detail in reality.

SERVICE: Creative solution and special construction As a partner for research, brainstorming and in the capacity of being a planning partner, our “Special construction” department is available to you for projects upon request. We subsequently build most solutions in our specialist workshop ourselves.

SERVICE: Hands-on solutions AnwenderSERVICE (UserSERVICE) is a workshop initiative where we regularly exchange ideas with manufacturers, creative resources and technicians. We introduce the outcomes of this initiative to our clients at a SERVICEGipfel (SERVICESummit) event.

Right from the first moment - 100 per cent ready for action!

Plug & Plug & Play solutions

We have off-the-peg special solutions to offer

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