So that everything fits together onsite

Construction schedules and rehearsal plans

Logistics, statics, organisation

Content Management

Before we come to the construction, we have a plan that involves the initial steps right until we come back (home).

With our detailed execution planning, we ensure that our orders are implemented 1:1. Supported by state-of-the-art CAD software, existing concepts are carefully tested, outlined, adapted and agreed upon beforehand.
Based on our profound knowledge and long-standing experience involving most of the locations in Berlin and in Europe, we are capable of creating a realistic plan very quickly.
We check the circumstances to be expected in previews on an individual basis. We plan and monitor, together with the respective partners, the technical and logistical interfaces across all disciplines in advance. In joint meetings, either in person or via web conferences, we create common (construction) schedules or integrate ourselves into your specifications. With the help of our qualified content management system, we examine existing media content or supported emerging content with expertise.

The results of our execution planning are submitted to our clients for approval and provide the backbone for secure implementation.

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