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Images have the ability to stir something within you...
... and communicate strong emotions. Images speak for themselves and allow the viewer to experience a moment from various perspectives. Or even in a surprising way, which would probably not be possible for the viewer to experience without media engineering.

Be it a still image, a moving picture or the combination of image and audio – It is the composition that makes the difference. We arrange multimedia contents to make an impressive overall impression. The emphasis lies entirely on the language of images, while the technology remains very much in the background. This is our guiding principle when it come to creative development, planning and in terms of technical implementation.
Since 1982, tst has been a supplier and service provider in the field of audio technology for television studios, theatres, convention centres and event venues. 

In the year 1986, the range of services was extended to include video and conference technology. As specialists in media technology, the focus lies on large-screen projections, multiple projections, media servers, live image transmission and video editing as well as several other facets of professional projection and video technology.
In 2001, the tst network expanded its horizons with tst-München, under the management of Andrea Thiele.
tst.tv is now a medium-sized enterprise in Germany and abroad that provides professional media technology services of the highest quality in all sectors of event technology and dynamic development of the dry-hire business. As an innovative generator of ideas, tst offers complete solutions in the field of live events and for permanent installations.
Open to individual needs, to innovative solutions, and motivated to find the best solution for every challenge. 

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